Schumer Dances While Over 15,000 Americans are Stranded in Afghanistan

A video that is making its way around the web shows Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer dancing with late-night T.V. host Stephen Colbert. The video was taken behind the stage at the We Love NYC concert in Central Park. The video showed Sen. Schumer along with Stephen Colbert dancing out of rhythm and acting as if the 15,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan is just a joke.

Colbert, who has been an avid mask supporter, was shown in the video dancing without a mask. According to Fox News, the video immediately faced backlash and made many users on Twitter disgusted.

One user even went as far as to say that they threw up in their mouths while watching it; others stated that it was the most cringe-worthy video they have ever seen. Take a look at it yourself:

Schumer Action’s Are Extremely Tone Deaf

The Senate Majority Leader should be in his office taking calls from U.S. citizens who are stranded in Afghanistan. Out of the 15,000 stranded Americans, there are sure to be a few New Yorkers in that bunch. I’m sure he left the “unimportant” work to an aide while he does the “important stuff” like dancing with Stephen Colbert.

It’s no surprise that Schumer is hanging out with Colbert because they do have two things in common: they both hate Trump and his supporters. To begin his show last week, Colbert took the stage and stated that we shouldn’t fight the Taliban in Afghanistan because we have our own Taliban in Capitol Hill.

Another Embarrassing Video of Schumer Surfaced Three Days Earlier

On August 17th, Schumer took the stage at a Bronx hip hop concert and was welcomed on stage to rap. At the same time he was doing this, the Pentagon declared they were not going to do any special missions to rescue American citizens outside of the airport.

I don’t think that Schumer enjoys hip hop so much that he harbors every opportunity to attend a concert; yet what he does enjoy is staying in the Senate. Therefore, instead of calling out Biden for his horrible withdrawal plan, Schumer’s looking to gain some more votes and rub elbows with the elites of New York; those are the ones who keep his campaign funds in good shape.

Did you notice he was rapping about getting the jab in the video above? Some Democrats are so delusional they think if they put a 70-year-old, out-of-touch politician on stage, somehow it will convince young people to get vaccinated. If anything, this will turn young people off.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party that John F. Kennedy represented, but rather just a clown show.