Video Shows Hunter Biden Smoking Crack While Joe Biden Reads 1994 Crime Bill

A video that has gone viral shows Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden side by side; however, what they are doing are doing in the video is quite the opposite. In the video, Joe Biden is shown defending the 1994 Crime Bill that was mostly written by him.

The video begins with Joe Biden standing before Congress, holding a quarter, and stating that if anyone was found with a quarters worth of crack cocaine, then they will automatically get five years in prison.

On the other side of the video, it shows Hunter Biden smoking crack from a glass pipe. The video of Hunter smoking crack came from his laptop (after he left it at a Delaware repair store and never picked it up). 

Just take a look at the hypocrisy:

This isn’t a knock against people who are suffering from drug addiction; to be honest, millions of Americans have been impacted by the drug epidemic that has taken over the United States. What it does show is that lawmakers’ family members seem to be above the law.

While Biden was locking up people’s sons and daughters for five years at a time for small possessions of crack, Hunter was going to luxurious rehabs all across the country on his father’s dime.

Details Behind Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill

Biden was one of the main writers of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which sought to give states over $8 billion dollars to build prisons. So if states are building more prisons, then they’re going to have to have more criminals right?

Well, the Crime Bill covered that too; it sought to put people in prisons for a minimum of five years for the possession of crack cocaine.

Biden, who was a senator from the state of Delaware at the time, also wrote a measure in the bill that would ban semi-automatic rifles. The Crime Bill never stopped crime; instead, the crime rate went up by 27% after it was placed.

Private Prisons Are Profiting Millions Of Dollars Each Year

The big winners of the Crime Bill were the private prison industry which makes more money if they hold more prisoners. The prison industry is an economy in itself.

CoreCivic’s stock price in 2017 hit $34 per share, but it has since dropped to around $10. The idea that large corporations can invest in our prisons and make money off them is outrightly unbelievable. 

The GEO group is another company that profits off incarcerations and off of immigration facilities. So, it’s no surprise that Democrats want to have mass illegal immigrants coming into the country.

The more illegal immigrants that are housed in facilities provided by private companies like the GEO Group, the bigger “campaign donations” they are to receive for re-election. Sadly, America’s prison system doesn’t want to rehabilitate inmates; instead, they prime them to re-offend because that will make the private prisons more money.