Watch the Other Side of Biden’s “Let’s Go Brandon” Phone Call

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On Christmas Eve, Biden was giving children updates on Santa Clauses’ whereabouts through phoning officials at the North American Aerospace Command post; however, what he said on the phone to a parent is what made national headlines.

During the live broadcast of Biden giving Santa’s location updates, a man named Jared from Oregon called in and said “Let’s Go Brandon.” This was hilarious, but the story didn’t end there.

Biden repeated the phrase back to the man! Watch it here:

So, this was just one side of the call filmed lived on television; however, Jared from Oregon also filmed himself making a call.

You can watch it here:

This video is hilarious to some, but those on the left immediately attacked the dad for having a bit of fun on Christmas Eve. Some users on Twitter even claimed his phone call with Biden was despicable.

The Dad Who Called Biden is Receiving Threats

According to Fox News, the man who called Biden and said “Let’s go Brandon” is Jared Schmeck, a father of four children.

Schmeck, who is a former police officer, stated he is now being verbally attacked for exercising his freedom of speech on a phone call with Biden.

Schmeck stated he made the call as a joke and meant no harm by it; the far left, however, is claiming Schmeck’s actions were ignorant and vulgar.

Schmeck stated he has always called the NORAD Santa Tracker and didn’t know his phone call would be live streamed to the world. Here is the full video of the other side of Biden’s “Let’s Go Brandon” phone call:

Why Would Biden Say It?

Let’s Go Brandon is a phrase many Trump supporters have used to show their distrust towards Biden. The phrase has been used in several of Biden’s public appearances and by now, he should know what it means.

However, during the live steam, Biden openly agreed and said it; there could be only two reasons why. The first reason is Biden is completely gone mentally and his cognitive abilities are worse than we all thought.

The second reason could be Biden thought “Brandon” was some city or town sport’s team and just repeated the phrase back. This is a bit of a stretch to use as an excuse, but it’s either that or the president of the United States is almost braindead.

Some leftist believe he embraced the phrase so conservatives would no longer use it, because if he decides to embrace the phrase, then it will somehow no longer have any power.

To be honest, this explanation is highly unbelievable, but leave it to Democrats to defend Biden at any costs, no matter how ridiculous their explanations of Biden’s mistakes sound.