Waukesha Attacker Shared Anti-White, Pro-Hitler Memes on Facebook

Darrell Brooks (the driver behind the red SUV that plowed through a crowd of people in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and killed six of them) has a history of anti-white, anti-Semitic posts on his Facebook account.

The posts could lead prosecutors to believe this was no “crash” or “accident,” but rather a hate crime against white people.

Some of Brooks’ posts include Hitler memes that praised the ruthless tyrant and also several posts which called for violence against white people.

He also called for ‘old white people to be knocked out.’ It turns out five of his six victims were elderly white people. Meanwhile, the sixth victim who died in the hospital yesterday was a six-year-old little boy who also was white.

Tucker Carlson Reveals All the Facts About Waukesha

Tucker Carlson wasn’t afraid to call Darrell Brooks a black nationalist. That’s because his Facebook posts contained quotes from several black nationalist extremists.

Carlson also called out the Twitter News Team for saying a ‘red SUV crashed through a crowd of people.’ Carlson then joked that it’s all the car’s fault and not the driver’s.

Carlson, on his show, also showed viewers a video of a BLM activist who claimed the ‘revolution’ started after hearing what Brooks did. So essentially, some members of the BLM movement believe the murder of six white individuals is a revolutionary act.

Carlson is yet again being called racist for telling it how it is. If the narrative was switched, if the driver was white and the members of the crowd were people of color, we all know how this tragic event would be narrated.

Watch Tucker Carlson give his take here:

Flashback: Black Nationalist Kills Capitol Police Officer

In April, a member of the Nation of Islam (which is a black nationalist organization) killed a Capitol police officer.

When Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan found out about Noah Green killing a police officer, Farrakhan replied, mourning the ‘brother’ killed by another police officer who responded to the scene.

The incident was not even in the news cycle for one day, but the January 6th riot (which resulted in no police officers being murdered) has been in the news cycle since January.

As of right now, there is no motive for Brooks, but it’s quite possible he was inspired by Green’s sadistic act and wanted to go out the same way Green did.

Witnesses of the Waukesha attack stated Brooks was zig-zagging back and forth, aiming to kill as many people as possible. Videos also back up the witnesses’ claims too.

It is time for the mainstream media to be held accountable for the ways in which they deceptively bury stories, while pushing others to the forefront.